My name is Evgenia  and I have been living in Dubai for almost 9 years, here I started doing my first steps in photography and found my passion and work of my life - food photography. I am happy to be surrounded by the food of top class chiefs, delicious local produce and a megapolis lifestyle. Among my clients you can find different international and local brands.




A food photographer knows how to show the best of your food. Check my portfolio, if you like it, if my pictures make your mouth watering - you are on the right way. I have my own unique style and I know how to play with the light and composition to get better result. 


First question for me is always - what we are going to shoot? What kind of food, the quantity and what’s the idea. Many times I had inquiries when people could’t give me any clue of what they want. Believe me it’s not only making my work complicated but also affecting the result. When you don’t know what you want how may I know what to make for you? That’s why I always ask for reference pictures from the beginning. Everything should be clear for both parties. 




I charge either per day or half day: my work is my time, I never charge per item. Per day average 25 items can be covered for a menu photoshoot, for creative projects everything is individual, there are many aspects to be considered. 


After a photoshoot is done I need 3-5 days for editing and retouching the pictures.




It’s always a good idea to take a team of photographer and stylist together. A food stylist can help you to express the idea of the photo. A stylist isn't there to change a chef's plating, but to enhance the look of the dish and translate it for the camera.



Call me with your questions today and let my creativity take care of the rest. 

+971 55 172 7324







+971 55 172 7324